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 What Exactly Is The 60 Days To A New Healthy You System?


The 60 Days To A New Healthy You System begins with understanding your true value and where your power really comes from. Showing you how to manifest what you want while creating powerful intentions that get you results. Here’s what the System gets you to do.


  • Set your intentions!

    You need to examine where you are in your health, and get crystal clear about your intentions, what you want to experience in your personal life. Before you can manifest what you want, you have to completely, positively KNOW what you want. You will learn the difference between setting goals and intentions, the biggest mistakes people can make is not knowing the difference.


  • Release your inner resistance!
    Most of you might already know what you need to be doing but are still struggling in procrastination, feeling stuck or spinning in circles. You will be learning proven techniques for breaking through your inner resistance, self-doubt, fear, anxiety and all that “stuff” that keeps you from getting healthy and really enjoying life.

  • You will learn to read labels and pick out the hidden sugars, dairy, gluten and other harmful ingredients.

  • You will learn how to get rid of the junk food in your house and how to stock your pantry with wholesome foods. You will learn where to source those foods.

  • You will learn how to streamline your kitchen and what tools you will need to simplify your cooking.

  • You will learn simple ways to save time and energy in the kitchen. You will learn how to whip up a meal in less time than it takes to get takeout and tastes way better.

  • You will learn how to eat out on those occasional trips to a restaurant, how to decipher the menu, and how to talk to your waiter to be sure they follow their instructions.

  • You will learn how to entertain without compromising your health and even influence your friends to eat healthy because it tastes so good.

  • You will learn how to make scrumptious desserts that you will never cause you to worry about the calories.

  • You will never have to count calories, carbs, points or worry about portion sizes. you will be able to eat your face off and never gain a pound.

  • You will get an endless supply of tasty simple recipes and cooking videos to help you master them.

  •  You will get weekly meal plans with shopping lists & recipes & video cooking lessons.

  • And the magical 13th thing is you will celebrate regaining your ideal weight and the good health you wanted while earning some well deserved bragging rights.


    The best way to work with me is in my 60 Days program. The cost is only  $197.00 USD

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