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I`ve wrote a Cookbook called "Spoiled Rotten On a Diet" Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free Made Simple. I`ll have a new one coming soon "Just Desserts" Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free.




Cooking Classes

I offer cooking classes for groups up to 80 people teaching how to eat healthy, read labels, knowing where to find hidden sugars, gluten & dairy. I`ll show how to set up your kitchen & what tools you need to simplify the cooking process& how to Clean out & stock your pantry.




A coaching program on how to live healthy which includes reading labels finding hidden sugars, gluten & dairy. How to clean out & stock your pantry, how to set up your kitchen & what tools to buy to simply the cooking process. There will be weekly meal plans & delicious easy recipes using simple readily available ingredients. There will be daily videos to help you with recipes & motivation. Weekly Q & A, on Facebook support group.



Teaching Groups

There is no actual cooking involved. It is just teaching ways to attain a healthy lifestyle. Label reading & finding harmful hidden ingredients to avoid Teach them ways to help get rid of chronic pain, lose weight & teach them about harmful medications & the nasty side affects the doctors don’t tell you about. I`ll also talk about how drug companies give doctors incentives to push their drugs.



Speaking to Groups

I will go to speak for different groups, such as industries, schools, hospitals & nursing homes on healthy eating lifestyle & getting rid of chronic pain & harmful medications & losing weight the healthy way. Mentioning doctors relationships with drug companies.





Product demos

I do product demos using my recipes that taste too good to be good for you at Health Food Stores, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Food Fairs & Markets.