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I have known Marsha for over 20 years. We became friends when I was a caregiver for her parents. I am a type 2 diabetic. Marsha has been helping me control my disease. She has been there for me from the start & helped me avoid many mistakes. Her program works great when you follow it. When I do that the weight falls off & my A1c is normal, but I have a tendency to cheat & when I do, I see the consequences. Then I will get back on the program with her support. She never gives up on me thank heavens because I know my health would be much worse without her there to keep encouraging & supporting me.


                                                                                                           Cheryl Broughton





I have known Marsha since she became my neighbor when I was 11 years old. Although we followed different paths we have been friends ever since. I have had some health challenges over the years. I suffered a grade 4 brain aneurysm that burst and another one operated on 12 years ago. Marsha was there to support me during those times. Marsha has helped me over the years with sorting out any health challenges. She helps me talk to my doctor and drives me to appointments. She has helped me with my diet and I lost 50 lbs. The diet also gave me great relief for my arthritis and brought my cholesterol down so I no longer needed medication. She is my rock & I know I can always depend on her to help me in whatever I need.

                                                                                                                        Lynn Alward













Marsha is very qualified to give nutritional advice. I have known Marsha for a few years. Definitely with her background as a home economics teacher in addition to all the nutritional knowledge that she has accumulated throughout the years, she is very qualified to give nutritional advice. I have studied nutrition in my chiropractic course and read many books on the topic including the one that she wrote. I use recipes from her book on a regular basis and I also enjoy exchanging ideas with her when she comes in for her regular chiropractic adjustments.

                                                                                                                            Dr. LeBlanc